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Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass Boat Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boatThe Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boat is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a boat that easily fits in the back of a pickup with no need for a trailer. This enhanced mobility that comes from this, and the fact that it is loaded with so many features for such a small boat makes it the perfect vessel for weekend fishing trips.

The boat was made with the fishing enthusiast in mind, as its features are easy to access and use. Its small size means that you can use it to access those cozy fishing spots others in bigger boats or fishing from the bank can only dream about.

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The boat’s hull is of sturdy construction, which makes it easy to keep the boat stable when maneuvering in the water. Here is a description of the boats features and their benefits.

Design features of the Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boat

The boats is constructed with a highly stable UV-stabilized, high density, Fortifex polythene hull and deck, which can withstand all the wear and tear associated with the outdoors and in the water. Thanks to the decks stability, you can take the boat out for fishing in choppy water without the risk of capsizing.

For power, the boat is equipped with two rotor mounts, one in the front and at the rear. The rotor mounts facilitate easy motor installation while the strategic positioning of the battery adds to the boat’s overall efficiency. The boat is shipped prewired to receive the electric trolling motor of your choice and has 12 volt power outlet for plugging in the motor’s power jack.

Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boat review

To provide comfort when fishing, the sun dolphin sportsman bass boat is fitted a couple of removable swivel seats, which are positioned within easy reaching distance to engine and recessed drinks and cup holder. The seats are held in place, by sturdy, durable seat supports. Other features include the drinks holders that help facilitate a hassle free shipping experience.

Boat materials

The boat is very stable thanks to the decision to use the rugged, Ultra- Violet Light stabilized, high density Fortiflex hull and deck. The boat meets boat the US Coast Guard and CE safety standards.

Sun-Dolphin-Sportsman-Bass-boat-2aNumber of people

The body was designed to hold a max of two people, although one person can easily maneuver the boat on a solo fishing trip. The position of the two detachable swiveling seats means that greater stability can only be achieved with two people on the boat.

Ease of use

The two rotor mounts located at the stern and hull make mounting and detaching motors a breeze, in addition to the fact that the boat comes pre-wired for motor installation.


  • Dimensions: 102 inches L x 48 inches W x 20 inches H
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Capacity: 550 pounds

Last thoughts on the Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boatSun-Dolphin-Sportsman-Bass-boat-4a

The Sun Dolphin Sportsman can take waves and large boat waves with ease; it is generally a calm water boat. It is ideal for use in calm fishing location in lakes and rivers, and its relatively small size means that portability is not a problem.

You can fit it with any 3.5 HP outboard electric trolling engine and it is prewired for both the engine and other gadgets such as GPS and sonar. The Sun Dolphin Sportsman Bass boat definitely provides good value for money at its retail price.



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